A game where skills meets fun in perfect harmony

This unique game mechanic blends hand-eye coordination and logical thinking development - because who said improving skills can't be entertaining?


Place the box in the center of the table and distribute squares equally among the players.

You take turns throwing squares onto the gaming platform, aiming for your square to touch the opponent's previous square either in flight or upon landing.


If a square falls off the playing platform, the player who threw it takes both the fallen square and any others that may have dropped.

The next player can throw their square anywhere on the platform or at any of the squares on it.


Forget building towers; we're all about tossing squares strategically, making creation collapse in your opponent’s turn faster than a poorly constructed house of cards.

You play with 3 squares types! Using different squares in different situations is key to the strategy and victory.

The winner is the first one to get rid of all their squares.

Full Rules & Penalties

Where can you play?

Organize friendly competitions with friends and family during gatherings, picnics, or even with colleagues at coworking spaces, team-building events, and corporate functions. This game caters to a wide range of age groups and ensures an uplifted atmosphere for all participants.

  • Steps Light

    In this version, the weight, thickness, and size of the squares are the same, making this option a great choice for beginners. Players quickly adapt to the weight of the squares and with each turn, they throw more accurately!

    Number of players: 1-6

    The set ncludes:

    • 36 squares (All are the same)
    • Box as a Playing platform
    • Rules
  • Steps Mini

    The smallest set in the STEPS lineup. But be aware that you'll need to get accustomed to the squares in this set and refine your throwing skills. This set will always be with you, ensuring fun with friends and guaranteeing a lively atmosphere wherever you go!

    Number of players: 1-4

    The set includes:

    • 32 squares: 8 light ones, 16 standard ones & 8 bamboo (Heavy)
    • Steps Mini Playing platform
    • Bag for storing the game
    • Rules
  • Steps Starter Pack

    If you think you'll quickly get the hang of the game and want to use all the squares thicknesses and weight for your strategy, then this set is perfect for you! The optimal size and number of squares make this set perfect for gatherings with friends!

    Number of players: 1-6

    The set includes:

    • 48 squares: 12 light ones, 24 standard ones & 12 bamboo (Heavy)
    • Starter Pack Playing platform
    • Bag for storing the game
    • Rules