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Steps Starter Pack 1-6 Players 48 Squares (Steps)

Steps Starter Pack 1-6 Players 48 Squares (Steps)

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If you think you'll quickly get the hang of the game and want to use all the squares thicknesses and weight for your strategy, then this set is perfect for you! The optimal size and number of squares make this set perfect for gatherings with friends!

Number of players: 1-6

Playing time: 5-20 min/set

Recommended age: 5+

Steps Starter Pack includes:

  • 48 squares, divided into: 12 light ones, 24 standard ones & 12 bamboo (Heavy)
  • Starter Pack playing platform
  • Bag for storing the game
  • Rules

Objective of the game: To win by getting rid of all your squares.

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